"I am the Fix + Co.'s biggest fan. I did my first ever juice detox recently, and was so thrilled with the experience! I was a little nervous going into it, but the juices were so well made, delicious, and hearty that I felt totally satisfied throughout the detox. By the end, I felt like a million bucks and feel like I have a new appreciation for what goes into my body. Hard to say which juice is my favourite - they are all so good. Don't even get me started on the nut milks, they are a truly nutritious, and decadent treat.

I got my juices for the third (and last) day of the detox delivered fresh from the Fix + Co. girls - there is a total commitment to freshness and quality here and it shows.

Thank you again Fix + Co., I am already looking forward to my next detox!"

- Katia M.

"I love this place. Great vegan and raw snacks plus juices and more. Personally I love the raw chocolate bars! I am always back for them. "

- Iga M.

"The Fix and Co. is a delicious and nutritious solution to hunger and a busy lifestyle. I was lucky enough to try The Refresher (watermelon) Juice and absolutely loved it! The mixed greens salad with sweet potatoes and the homemade dressing was so good that I had seconds!

Congrats to this family run business on its success, and cheers to many delicious juices ahead!"


- Jennifer S.


"By far the BEST juicery I have ever been to! The quality is impeccable and the taste is literally to die for. It picks me up in the morning and it's such a delight to have throughout the day. You can easily tell they use the best produce available and it's made with such love and care. You guys make my day xo"

- Raphaela